Site Hacked/Recovered

Posted July 31, 2018 1:30 pm by with 0 comments


As you may have noticed this site has been down for a week.  All the Travel Insider and related sites have been attacked several times over the last several weeks, and we ended up needing to take everything down and replace with new clean installations that were free of various hacks and viruses.

The news site is back up again.  Docents – you probably need to say you’ve forgotten your password when logging in and having it send you a new password (then edit it to whatever you like).  Ask if any questions and as always, thanks for your help.

There is some lost data, but on the basis that they are simply daily links to news stories of interest that day, I felt their loss not to be too damaging.  Today’s newsletter might have a bunch of old links, but then it will be all reset and only new links for the future.

Next will be to restore the main blog back to operation.  It is almost done, should only be another day or so.

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